Review: Aliens make ugly in `Battle: Los Angeles' (News)

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Entertainment News:Review: Aliens make ugly in `Battle: Los Angeles' (News):Disaster films will really get interesting when they start running out of iconic skylines to destroy. How about "Battle: Wichita" or "Deep Impact: Albany"?
"Battle: Los Angeles" doesn't rely as much as its genre brethren on the gleeful horror of seeing familiar landmarks burn. (We don't even get a shot of the "Hollywood" sign in flames.) Instead, this West Coast version of alien invasion distinguishes itself as an urban warfare film and a patriotic advert for the Marines.
Like so many of these films, "Battle: Los Angeles" opens on urgent news reports announcing that "the world is at war." CNN snippets are laced throughout the movie, and it's easy to see their function in relaying exposition. But it's rather terrifying to think that even extra-terrestrials can't stop the 24/7 stream of cable news.
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